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Felipe Oliveira came to Australia from Brazil in 2006 searching for a better place to live. In 2009 he was introduced to the journey that has been leading to his Authentic Self. It was through this walk that he found a deeper desire to become a counsellor, and to hold a space for other men becoming awake to their True Selves.

Felipe’s experience in the Male Journey allowed him to notice the importance to develop a counselling framework that speaks to and touches men’s hearts. During his time at university, the focus of his essays were always around authentic masculinity, sexuality and spirituality. Most of his clients are males (a few females), middle-aged or older, and facing mid-life crisis (along with broad range of concerns, including; depression, anxiety, PTSD, addictions and suicidal ideation).

Felipe considers himself an experiential, existentialistic and humanistic therapist, mixed up with Jungian theory and some tools of Spiritual Direction.

His counselling framework is an integration of the following approaches: Person Centered, Gestalt, Jungian Therapy, Narrative and Spiritual Direction. These are definitely the main tools used by him to companion men towards the Authentic Male Journey: the movement from the false self to the True Self.

Counselling Experience

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Areas of Interest

  • Complex trauma (PTSD);
  • Deep and Emotional Wounds (Depression);
  • Suicidal Ideation (Severe Depression and Chronic Anxiety);
  • Inner Pain causing Addictions (Addictions of all kinds);
  • Mid-Life Crisis (Depression & Anxiety);
  • Fear of Intimacy (Sexual Issues & Anxiety);
  • Shame & Aggression Issues (Anger & Depression);
  • Life Transitions (Divorce and Loss of Job);
  • Grief & Loss.


  • Young Adult-Men
  • Adult Men
  • Elder Men

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